Working on a Second Edition!


I likely won’t change the cover.

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently working on a second edition of “Adventures in Cybersecurity”. I’m going to hopefully make it a little better, as while I think it’s good, I think it could be better, too. It’s been out for nine months already(!) and re-reading it since then has made me think that I could do a couple of things differently, and also add in a bit more in the way of stories relevant to the title.

If you’ve purchased the book, I’ll refund your money if you purchase the second edition. I’ve never been one for charging for different editions of a book – I view them like software in that regard. Unless the product is materially different from the original, then I think you should get upgrades for free. 🙂

Print Version Published!

Hi Everyone,

The print version of “Adventures in Cybersecurity” is now available! It’s $9.99, which is the lowest Amazon will allow me to price it. I’ll have a few of them myself, and carry copies to sign if anyone is interested. (Also, the copies I’ll sign will be free, so there’s that.)

I also have an official Amazon Author page now:


Those of you connected to me on Linked In may recognise the profile. 😉

The print book is listed as being sold used and new for multiple sellers, but I’m not sure how that could be possible since no one’s bought any quite yet. Nonetheless, if you check out the page for the print version of the book, you can actually get it cheaper than for what it retails at new. Or like I said, you can get a free copy from me, even signed, if you’re ever in the same place (or nearby) that I am.